Monday, 28 July 2014

Denman Tangle Tamer Hair Brush!

Hi Everyone!

I'm going to review a new hair brush from Denman, and its the tangle tamer. I was very excited to try this brush because I do have very curly and knotty hair, i tend to find it hard to brush. This one is designed to detangle children's hair fast and gently without tears.

It might be designed for a child but it can certainly be used on anyones hair if its tangly. The dolphins might not be everyone taste but I think its cute, They also have it in plain hot pink! Anyway the only other tangle brush I haven't tried is the Tangle Teezer which i want to try next, I have tried the Michel  Mercier one which I wasn't to impressed with.

So this has super soft nylon bristled which gently glide through hair removing tangles. It is also air-cushioned pad which follows the contour of the head from smooth, damage free grooming. I absolutely love this brush, the bristles are super soft which detangles your hair so nice without tugging.

It really does glide through your hair very smoothly. I am very impressed with this brush it really did the job and I think this is worth trying if you have knotty or curly hair. Plus the brush is perfect handbag size, its very light weight and comfortable to use!

 One thing I would say is you have to brush your hair very thoroughly because they bristled are so soft it might not get all the layer underneath, but I always brush several times anyway.

Denman Tangle Tamer Hair Brush- link.

Thanks much for reading, hope you liked this review, bye!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

School 'Emergency' Essential Kit!

Hi Everyone,

Today I thought I would write a School Post. This is going to be the emergency/essentials kit post, so I am going to show you all the things a girl should keep in her school bag!

So first you want to pick some sort of makeup/cosmetic bag, It should be concealed so know one can see inside and it also needs to be compact, but big enough to fit in the essentials, the one I'm using was £3 from primark.

First for makeup wise, you should keep a powder and mini kabuki in. This is perfect if you have oily skin and you can touch up your makeup. You should also have some sort of tinted/lip balm. Baby lips are the perfect example they give great moisturisation and slight colour.

You should have some form of mini deodorant to apply after PE/gym class and perfume for throughout the day. Another thing I like to have is hand sanitiser, this is just because there are alot of germs around and it leaves your hand smooth and clean.

The last few things you should have are paracetamol, make sure your school allows you to carry it first, because some schools don't supply paracetamol and if your feeling unwell its best to have one. 

The last thing you should have is some form of 'girl protection'. You never know when you might come on so its good to be prepared. These are the liners from femfresh and these are good encase you do come on unexpectedly, and they are tiny so you can fit as many as you need. They are also breathable which offer long lasting freshness throughout the day so you can feel confident at school. Its also good to have a proper form of protection incase you do come on but these will tie you over you do.

Thanks much for reading this post, I hope your liked it and it became helpful for you. Not only can this be used for school this is perfect for everyday life and carrying about in your bag, bye

Sunday, 25 August 2013

False Nails Tutorial/Review From Born Pretty Store!

Hi everyone!

Today I have a tutorial/review on how to shape and apply your own false nails! First of, the nails I am using are from Born Pretty Store. They are the full ones so they cover your whole nail and aren't just meant for your tips!

So there are sizes from 0-9. The bigger the number, the smaller the nail. So nine is the smallest and is more appropriate for the pinkie, and 0 is the largest for the thumb. There are 500 nail altogether so they are going to last you a long time and you have so many to chose from.

So all the nails are naturally long so what you will need to do is cut and shape them to the perfect shape you want. If you prefer them long then you can keep them like that, but if you want them shorter then you can clip them down and foil them square or oval.

So the first thing you want to do is make sure your nails are clipped down and all nail polish is removed. Then you want to match up all your nails the the false ones that fit right.

Then you are going to need to glue them on, pressing down with pressure for a couple minutes. Once they are all glued down you should let them set for five minutes or so. Then you want to start shaping, so if you want them shorter you should clip them down to the length you want, and foil them so the edges are not as sharp.

Once they are the length and shape you like, you should start to pick out the nail colour you would like them. I went for a classic red and this is 'St James' by Nails Inc. I wanted mine a medium length and squared of. Once I applied a couple coats of my nail polish, I waited for them to dry.

To add a special touch, you could add some nail art or diamante to jazz them up. I personally added some of these diamante bows on the middle finger. They are very large and make your nails super cute! You could opt for a smaller size for a more natural look if you liked.

These are the perfect way for long nails and these ones are strong and great quality. It a much cheaper option than getting them done at the salon. Plus you can re-do them because of how many there are so you get more for your money.

500pcs Born Pretty Store Full False Nails Natural- link.

Thanks more for reading, let me know if you would like more nail tutorials and designs featuring these nails!